Get a responsive, bespoke & affordable website

When it comes to building or re-designing your new website, you want to make sure you go with an agency that takes the time to truly understand your business and online purpose.

When using Strikt for your new website, you can rest assured your website will have a professional design, great usability, optimised from the ground up and a range of unique features suited for your audience and industry.

Taking the time to understand your objectives

The first step of any new project for us is to understand you and your business. We arrange a sit down at a time that suits you to run through what you’re looking to achieve from the website, both design wise and functionally. We run through how your business operates, your target market and industry, and if you have a site already, the reasons for change

In taking the time to know you, your business and your expectations, we’re able to design and build a responsive website that truly delivers what you need.

Creating you a truly bespoke responsive design

Through our sit down we’ll have got a good idea of what it is your looking to achieve from your website, both functionally and design wise.

Every design goes through our development and SEO team to ensure that from the design stage, your website has the potential to outperform your competition.

One we’ve mocked up some designs, we’ll arrange a walk through detailing the users journey through your new website design, how certain sections and functionalities will work, what the site will look like on mobile and tablet devices.

Our designs are tailored to you, so if there’s ever a part you’re not keen on or unsure we can easily change the design till your 100% happy, with no hidden charges.

Lets build you something great

Once you’re happy with the design of your new site, we schedule in development. We use a host of open source CMS (content managed systems) solutions, and decide which is best for your project and for you as a customer. At times, our clients have requested we build our sites in certain platforms such as WordPress, as it’s something they’re familiar with, but if not we will analyse what you’re website requires based on our meeting and weight up each CMS solution to ensure your site is built in a platform that best suits your sites needs.

Once your site has gone through development, we send across a test link so you can have a look at your site fully built. It’s at this stage you can use your website like a customer would and decide if you want anything changing. It’s not uncommon for clients at this point to request a few design and functionality tweaks, and we gladly make any changes you request free of charge. Our end goal is always to ensure the website and service we deliver meets your expectations.

July 10, 2019

October 28, 2018

Lets launch your new website

If you’re happy with the site, we’ll arrange a date that works well with you to launch. Once the new sites live we’ll run through how to use the CMS, how to go about maintaining your website, which is something we can look after, and how best to promote your new website going forward, whether it be through a targeted SEO strategy, tailored PPC campaign, or both.

We’ll handle all aspects of implementing Google Analytics, Google & Bing webmaster tools, and any other aspects you might want us to look into.